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Star Trek 7 of 9 (ex Borg)

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Review Date: 03/19/1998

File Size: 3,031k

Author URL: Not Available

All originals animated cursors, sounds, and graphics (except one icon and the startup and shutdown screens).

For those of you that like Star Trek 7 of 9, this theme has more than you could possibly ask for. Maybe too much more. There are 3 bitmap images in 256 colors of the same wallpaper in different sizes and 1 more of the same image in JPG format. The sound files are also PCM,16,000 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo.

Bitmaps are great if they are in high color and the quality of the image is outstanding but in this case, get rid of the bitmaps. The sound files should also be compressed. It's a waste of space and bandwidth.

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