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Alicia Silverstone - Clueless

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Review Date: 10/07/1997

File Size: 1,384k

Author URL: Available

This is like, totally Alicia Silverstone and she's totally Clueless. Well, maybe not totally. There are a lot of Alicia Silverstone lines from the movie and several images to make up the 800x600 desktop wallpaper and logo files but...

There's just -one- image of Alicia in place as a desktop icon. All other icons are the standard Windows 95 type. The cursors are also the standard 3D type in an appropriate shade of pink but there are no specially animated "Busy" or "Wait" cursors to keep you entertained. The wallpaper is nice but looks grainy. Very similar to the startup and shutdown logos.

It's pieced together properly. Just lacks quality.

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