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Journey to Another Realm

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Review Date: 05/11/2002

File Size: 811k

Author URL: Not Available

This theme includes a stunning 3D rendered JPG wallpaper image for 1600x1200 display sizes. Note that this image shrinks or expands to fit well for nearly any desktop display size. Also included are an incredible 55 colorful icons to replace nearly every shell icon association. Best of all, the icons are all associated in the main theme (*.theme) file code for Desktop Architect users. In addition, there are 4 new cursors mixed with 10 standard 3D type cursors and 20 very short sound clips to finish it off.

The main theme (*.theme) file code is out of order and will not load theme parts correctly under current settings. A user can download and hack the main theme file to fix it or assign all the included theme parts manually, which more or less defeats the purpose of a "theme" in the first place. No web view images, system logo screens or screen saver files included.

If you want some really cool theme parts, go for it but... keep in mind that the main theme file won't do much good for the average user. Needless to say, this one needs some major tweaks. We're giving it a few stars just for the quality of included parts, otherwise this would be trash.

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