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Area 51 X-Files

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Review Date: 08/12/1998

File Size: 1,381k

Author URL: Available

Here's another X-Files theme from a truly dedicated X-Files theme author. In fact, this particular theme author has an entire site dedicated to nothing but The X-Files along with about a dozen or more X-Files themes to choose from. At any rate, they just keep getting better. The 800x600 JPG wallpaper is totally original and in very good contrast with a great X-Files theme package. Most of the cursors are simply outstanding and also blend in with this setting very well. There are some borrowed parts like the screensaver and most of the sound files but they are appropriate. There's even ActiveX wallpaper for those that have the IE Active Desktop.

Screensaver, sound, startup and shutdown logo files aren't original. If you are running the Active Desktop setting, the assigned sound file may get on your nerves. It's cool but there's no way of turning the sound off and it just keeps playing the X-Files theme song forever and ever and ever and... well, you get the point.

It wouldn't take much to make this one even better. Once again, originality is the only downfall. I'm giving this one an extra star for effort. (Keep it up Badawg and you'll get an award one of these days. :)

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