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Home Improvement

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Review Date: 09/08/1997

File Size: 3,707k

Author URL: Not Available

From the hilarious television series "Home Improvement", comes the long awaited desktop theme. Since this one was made in Germany, you will find a few German sounds but for the most part it is made up of decent sound effects. There is a handy screwdriver "select" cursor for those that have a desktop that needs fixing. The color scheme is probably the most unique part about this theme. Kinda reminds me of shop.

It's gray! You might have problems reading your message boxes in Windows under this color scheme too. You'll know what I mean when you see it or I should say, don't see it. The wallpaper files are in great taste but the quality is very "grainy". One is in color and one isn't. There is only one cursor in this package and the icons are all from other themes or icon libraries, which takes away from originality.

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