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Nature's Message

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Review Date: 04/01/2000

File Size: 2,884k

Author URL: Not Available

Ah... fresh air, fresh running water and the sounds of various animals enjoying the open wilderness. We can all certainly use a little of that every once in a while. This theme takes you to a brisk flowing mountain stream in a lush green surrounding. An 800x600 JPG wallpaper of a never-failing stream covers the desktop along with icons, a couple of new cursors, plenty of sounds and a new screen saver to bring nature to life for you.

The screen saver is referenced in the code to load directly from the themes directory but the installation readme.txt file states to move it to your Windows\System directory. Actually, moving it to the System directory is best but the code will need to be adjusted to reference it properly each time you change to this theme setting. Otherwise, you'll have to load the screen saver manually under the Display Properties Screen Saver tab. Most of the cursors look just like the ones in the Microsoft Plus! Sports theme pack and the icons are all borrowed from other themes as well. Sound files are of inconsistent quality with a little background hissing here and there. Standard system web view images are also included for no apparent reason.

It looks too much like a standard Microsoft Plus! theme package. It's a nice alternative nature setting though. Download as you see fit.

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