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The X-Files - Season 8

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Review Date: 01/17/2001

File Size: 3,305k

Author URL: Available

Ever had a catchy tune stuck in your head all day? The X-Files theme song will do that and this X-Files desktop theme might have the same impact on that major organ between your ears as well. Theme parts consist of slightly different JPG wallpaper setting for 800x600 or 1024x768 display sizes. The artist has actually used older wallpaper but layered in characters from the X-Files series to give it a totally different look. Sound files are all from the show. Other parts include red-framed photo type desktop icons, a very well matched set of cursors, "8th season" web view images, system logo screens, and an X-Files true type font.

Sound files are average quality with every little depth. The wallpaper images appear a little washed out, like they need more contrast, which is also something that could be as simple as monitor settings. (Review based on default nVida GeForce 256 AGP graphics card and Gateway VX900 monitor settings.) Full credit is given and they are very appropriate but the cursors are all the work of another theme author: Tony Varnas's 'Alien Commemoration'. Interestingly enough, the cursor copyright information has been altered as well.

Be careful with that copyright info! ... "Thank you. You just answered all my questions."

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