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Preview Size Date Description
jw_whbun 579k2003-04-11Animated saver has rose blooms scrolling onceramic rabbit backdrop
jw_white1537k2004-12-27Snow effect saver features Victorian house and snowman
jw_wnval1898k2006-12-13Snow effect saver has a Christmas village scene
jw_woodb1301k2007-03-01Animated saver has red hearts on colorful background
jw_wrang1112k2006-01-30Painter effect saver features western items
jw_wrose 604k2004-06-17Animated saver features white roses and pearls on your desktop
jw_ydgnm1732k2007-03-16Animated saver features whimsical yard gnomes
jw_yule 1297k2004-12-21Snow effect saver features scene with twinkling lights
kaleid20 14k2000-05-08Kaleidoscopic Simulation
kgdmhts 2199k2004-09-18Kingdom hearts (category?) (12199kb)
kine10 805k2000-05-08The Kinemorphic 3D
kinkades1697k2000-05-08Kinkade Christmas
kitten 1291k2002-03-27A collection photos of the Scottish kitten
kpr 1094k2002-10-19Keeper of the Past Strolls
kukuxumu 466k2002-03-27It reproduces the bull-runs but under water
labryn 29k2000-01-01Various repetitive generated patterns
lafonta 98k2000-05-08LaFonta
lattice 846k2000-05-08Lattice
lens 50k1999-12-26Glass Sphere, Inside Out, BlackHole, Dent, Spiral
letitsno3528k2001-04-22Let It Snow - Santa Clause shovels snow (Christmas)
lewdsw012213k2003-06-21Animated leprechauns play naughty pranks
libsw10 1163k2002-10-19Patriotic slideshow with subtle animations
lights 96k2002-03-27Wandering Lights
likexmas 298k2000-05-08Like Christmas
logos 2447k2001-04-22Logos - 20 pictures with biblical verses
lordring2062k2000-05-08Lord Of The Rings
lovetri 1085k2000-05-08God's Love
mac01 1911k2002-10-19Ever see a noodle dance the Macarena
macthem 20k2000-01-01Swarms of colorful dots form many shapes - cool
magcelts 796k2003-01-27Magic Celts

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