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Preview Size Date Description
bff22 724k2000-05-08The Born free Foundation 2
bgalore 1257k2000-05-08Balloons Galore
bgss32 41k2000-05-08Beautiful Geometry
biblesav1337k2000-05-08The Bible
biblscr 2909k2000-05-08Old Testament
birthday 406k2000-05-08Happy Birthday
bitmaps 267k2000-01-01Display all bmp&jpg images from specified folder
blank 9k2000-01-01Blank Screen - no more and no less (recommended!)
blitz11 73k2000-05-08BitBlitz
bliz101 46k2000-05-08Bouncy Blizzard
blobber 184k2002-10-19Colourfull goo blobbing over your screen
blondejo 161k2000-05-08Blonde Jokes
blur 21k2000-05-08Blur
boo 156k2000-05-08Boo! Screensaver
boxzy100 792k2002-10-19Boxzy is a customizable 3D screen saver
braunclk 485k2000-05-08The Braun Alarm
brewster 421k2000-05-08Brewster Kaleidoscopic
bridges 2898k2000-05-08Bridges of Life
brookhav2732k2000-05-08Brookhaven Volunteer Fire Department
broonale 81k2000-05-08Newcastle Brown Ale
brrrrr 1649k2000-05-08Brrrrrrrrr
bsetup3 1296k2000-05-08Bollywood Heaven
bubbles 423k2000-05-08Bubbles
bullets 28k2000-01-01Bullet holes appear all over your screen
bumpscr 1780k2000-05-08Bumper Stickers
burn 3151k2000-05-08Burn Baby Burn
byrail 2914k2000-05-08By Rail
bysail 3192k2000-05-08By Sail
calendar 153k2000-05-08Calendar
cana 387k2002-10-19Canadian flag - flag of Canada

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