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Preview Size Date Description
jw_pamer 900k2005-08-16Lighting effect saver features red, white & blue blooms
jw_panda 734k2003-02-22Slide show saver features photos of panda bears
jw_pansy 585k2003-02-22Animated saver - pansies on YOUR desktop
jw_parrt 776k2003-02-22Slide show saver features photos of colorful parrots
jw_peach 794k2003-09-01Animated saver with peaches on colorful background
jw_peeka 690k2003-09-01Animated saver features blossoms tumbling past a hiding kitten
jw_peren 987k2006-10-27Slide show saver features colorful perennial blooms
jw_pfh 940k2006-08-21Slide show saver features photographs of peonies
jw_phole1299k2003-09-01Animated saver features tropical fish views through portholes
jw_polar 659k2003-02-22Slide show saver features photos of polar bears
jw_posie 785k2004-07-09Animated saver features pansies swirling onto your desktop
jw_ppass 598k2003-06-21Animated saver with violet and lilac blooms on desktop
jw_pplum 743k2003-09-01Animated saver with plums on colorful background
jw_ppony 969k2004-06-22Slide show saver features photographs of zebra
jw_presh 487k2003-02-22Animated saver features kittens on YOUR desktop
jw_qarb 1484k2003-06-21JavaScript lake effect features a summer garden scene
jw_rbush 706k2005-09-253D cube saver features pink rose blooms
jw_reflx1575k2005-09-23Water effect saver features a pond in autumn
jw_rnest1315k2005-06-12Painter effect saver features a robins nest and eggs
jw_rzred 483k2004-08-01Animated saver features red roses on YOUR desktop
jw_sblos 709k2003-02-21Animated saver - summer flowers
jw_sdsrf 752k2006-08-28Slide show saver features photographs of beaches
jw_skies 648k2006-11-02Slide show saver features photographs of skies
jw_slope1562k2006-09-25Snow effect saver features snow-covered pines on a slope
jw_sninn1323k2007-03-09Snow effect saver features a birdhouse in evergreens
jw_snows 951k2006-01-20Slide show saver - winter landscapes
jw_splsh1642k2005-05-31Ocean effect saver features dolphins
jw_stcam 888k2005-10-073D Cube saver features striped camellias
jw_stime1158k2006-04-29Slide show saver - spring in bloom
jw_straw 597k2004-06-16Animated saver features strawberries

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