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Preview Size Date Description
inrn 998k2000-05-08Incredible - Rain
insw 1235k2000-05-08Incredible - Snow
intimacy1206k2000-05-08Intimacy - Rose
inwd 865k2000-05-08Incredible - Wild
iw10 3750k2002-03-27Images of animals living in the woods
jbirdscr 96k2000-05-08J-Bird
jelly 1364k2000-05-08Jelly Fish
jlft 895k2000-05-08Jurassic Land - Forest
jlft2 428k2000-05-08Jurassic Land -- Forest
jungle 695k2000-05-08Jungle
jw_aaa 1375k2006-09-25Slide show saver features colorful annuals
jw_ahues 981k2003-02-22Animated lake saver reflects a colorful still life
jw_among1118k2005-01-08Animated saver features toadstools and mushrooms on YOUR desktop
jw_annie 592k2003-02-22Animated saver features apples on an autumn background
jw_aona 759k2005-01-22Slide show saver features animals of North America
jw_arose 656k2006-03-23Slide show saver - colorful rose blossoms
jw_aumst 936k2006-03-23Animated saver has falling leaves on an autumn background
jw_bbird 763k2003-02-22Animated saver features a birdhouse and bluebirds
jw_bcats 818k2003-02-22Slide show saver features photos of wild cats
jw_bhz 1090k2004-09-03Slide show saver features garden photos with birdhouses
jw_birdw1275k2006-02-28Snow effect saver features cat and kitten watching birdfeeder
jw_bitw 981k2005-05-13Slide show saver features photos of baby animals
jw_black 826k2005-01-04Slide show saver features black cats
jw_bloom 958k2006-03-23Slide show saver - spring flower blossoms
jw_bmorn 665k2003-02-22Animated saver features butterflies gliding on a colorful backdrop
jw_branc1136k2006-03-23Slide show saver features colorful photos of trees
jw_brite 688k2005-09-30Animated saver features pink flowers on your desktop
jw_buflo 726k2003-02-22Slide show saver features photos of American bison
jw_bysea 762k2003-04-11Animated screen saver - seashells on a beach scene background
jw_call 1139k2003-02-22Animated snow saver features painting of wolves howling backdrop

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