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Preview Size Date Description
inmt 1149k2000-05-08Incredible - Mountains
insp 396k2000-05-08Incredible - Space
insu 317k2000-05-08Incredible - Sun
intlight8263k2001-04-22International Lighthouses (45 images)
ireland12450k2005-11-30Ireland - Highlights At The Green End Of Europe
istanbul 982k2000-05-08Istanbul
italy1 2233k2002-03-27Italy in pictures - Dolomites, Tuscany and Sicily
italy2 1071k2000-05-08Italy 2
italy3 1461k2000-05-08Italy 3
jw_alamo1037k2003-02-22Slide show saver - San Antonio scenes
jw_casls 997k2006-04-17Slide show saver - old world castles
jw_celt 1382k2005-06-08Lake & rain effect saver features an Irish scene
jw_chato1646k2005-07-11Lake effect saver features Chateau Chamboard
jw_crown 807k2006-02-04Slide show saver - British crown jewels
jw_dezky 825k2006-02-28Slide show saver features western/desert scenes
jw_doors 759k2003-02-22Slide show saver - doorways around the world
jw_dragn 661k2003-02-22Animated saver - oriental items
jw_dutch1136k2006-03-27Slide show saver - tulips in Amsterdam
jw_ecg 1564k2003-04-11Slide show saver - English country gardens in bloom
jw_eip 358k2003-02-22Animated saver - Eiffel Tower
jw_gclh 1084k2004-06-20Slide show saver features lighthouses of the Gulf Coast
jw_grand1178k2006-11-02Slide show saver features Grand Canyon photos
jw_guard 521k2003-02-22Animated saver - guards and Union Jacks on YOUR desktop
jw_lh 838k2006-04-29Slideshow features lighthouses
jw_mack 926k2006-04-10Slide show saver features photographs of Mackinac Island, Michigan
jw_mahal 903k2003-02-22Animated lake saver - Taj Mahal
jw_motm 1524k2005-10-05Water effect saver features Niagara Falls
jw_okla 1281k2006-01-20Slide show saver - scenic Oklahoma
jw_paris 767k2006-03-16Slide show saver - Paris - France
jw_pharo 850k2005-12-17Slide show saver features Egyptian landmarks

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