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Preview Size Date Description
c64 983k1998-08-29Commodore 64 computer
c64theme 80k1998-09-16Commodore 64 (old computer)
c_d_e 2055k2002-11-11CDE for Sun Microsystems Solaris and Unix
cntrlpnt1412k2002-09-10Central Point desktop icons (computer)
Below Average
2112k1999-05-14Computer 2000
Average Quality
1394k1999-09-24This computer really has a bug
High Quality
1103k1999-09-24Inside a computer - a cityscape
compthis1495k1999-10-16Compute This by Marie
deadmac 158k1996-10-31Dead Macintosh
default 1k1997-01-10Default Win95 theme (Registry entries)
desq 1397k2002-11-11DESQview X - X-windowing system for Unix (computer)
Average Quality
957k2002-06-10The Microsoft Devil
digitale 201k2002-11-11DEC (Digital Equipment Corp) Windows (computer)
dj2002 159k2004-03-28Sweet 3D Theme based on DJ 2002
Doctor's Choice
3374k2003-11-13Weird Al - Pentiums
ecs 4927k2002-12-21ECommerce Station (computer)
enlite 1871k2002-11-11Enlightenment Linux Environment (computer)
f_v_w_m 3113k2002-11-11FVWM - Virtual Window Manager for Linux (computer)
framed 863k2000-09-09Framed (On the Web)
g3theme 253k1999-04-17Power Macintosh G3
gamecube1741k2004-06-29Nintendo Game Cube (computer)
gc115 225k2002-04-13Nintendo Gamecube
gcntheme 576k2001-06-09GameCube Console (GCN) - Unfinished
gctheme2 250k2002-04-13Nintendo Gamecube
geiss 999k1999-11-27Screensaver and WinAmp Plugin reacts to sound
gem_os 716k2002-11-11GEM - GUI environment produced by Digital Reasearch (computer)
geos 1550k2002-11-11GeoWorks - GUI for the Commodore 8bit computer
Doctor's Choice
3231k1999-06-06Gnome for Windows (unix)
handgod 6820k1999-12-26Enlightenment for Linux - 4 themes
icexp 1213k2001-10-14Windows Ice XP

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