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Preview Size Date Description
icexpfix1103k2002-11-11Ice XP (computer)
insanity 637k1998-10-24Computer Goes Insane
inside 467k1998-07-10Looks like the inside of a computer
intel_p3 966k1999-09-01Intel Pentium III
jaguar 1173k2003-01-20Apples OSX Jaguar
k_d_e 946k2002-11-11KDE - Open Source graphical desktop environment for UNIX
kde3 1518k2003-02-16Kde 3
kdeos 945k2002-11-11KDE OS - Open Source graphical desktop environment for UNIX
kdetheme1240k2003-02-16Kde 2
lab83 2047k1999-07-03The Labyrinth 83 (computer)
laudanm 693k2002-12-21Laudanum - System:on - French (computer)
lhblis 1027k2003-02-16MS Windows NET - Longhorn Bliss OS
lhorn2 8368k2002-12-21Microsoft Windows Longhorn 2 (computer)
lhorn3 4198k2003-04-06Longhorn - Microsoft work-in-progress successor to XP
lindoz 616k2002-09-10Lindows (a combined name of Linux and Windows)
linux 2841k2002-11-11Linux OS (computer)
lisa 1158k2002-11-11Apple Lisa Office System OS (computer)
lunaxp 2471k2001-06-09Windows Whistler Luna XP
m_w_m 1724k2002-11-11Motif Window Manager - Linux OS (computer)
mac2004 616k2003-01-20Mac 2004 (Apple OS)
mac755 384k2002-11-11Apple Mac 755 OS with bootscreen (computer)
mac95the 118k1997-01-23Apple Macintosh
mac95v-4 121k1996-10-15Mac95 (Version 4)
mac_81 345k2002-11-11Mac 81 OS (computer)
mac_i 106k2002-11-11Mac I - mother of all Macintoshs and daughter of Lisa (computer)
macdsk21 550k1996-09-11Macintosh look-alike
macgalry1017k2002-09-10Mac Gallery
Average Quality
180k1998-08-28Macintosh look-alike 1
macinto2 178k1998-08-28Macintosh look-alike 2
macintos 413k2000-10-22Macintosh

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