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Preview Size Date Description
Doctor's Choice
5679k2003-07-10Alegria (XP)
Doctor's Choice
1808k2002-09-13Oasis (XP)
Doctor's Choice
6291k2002-12-19Snowdrift (XP)
4sobchp 2651k2001-10-14South Beach
a_coast 1520k1997-12-12Sea Coast sights & sounds of Autumn
aloha 747k2000-09-09Aloha - Hawaii Sunset
arkansas2247k1998-08-28The State of Arkansas (place)
Doctor's Choice
austral 62k1997-08-07Australian
austral25220k2002-05-28Australian Holiday
Below Average
autmwalk1117k1999-02-14Autumm Walk in Washington D.C.
ayresrok 443k1997-07-23Ayres Rock (Uluru) in Australia
balithem3968k1998-08-28Bali in Indonesia (resort)
beach 345k1997-07-23Beach at Cancun Strip
beaut_bc5627k2003-01-20Beautiful British Columbia in Canada
blarney 600k2001-10-14Blarney Castle - County Cork (screensaver included)
blufview 667k1999-02-14Bluff View,Silver Beach,Lake Michigan
bunratty2170k2001-10-14Bunratty Castle County Clare - Ireland (and screensaver)
cabra 728k2001-10-14Cabra Castle County Cavan - Ireland (and screensaver)
camelot 1324k1996-11-27Camelot (place)
canada 938k1997-06-21Canada (Canada's National Hymne)
cancan 716k1998-02-02Cancan (La Belle Epoque)
castle 545k1997-02-18Castles
cayman 792k1999-06-13Cayman Island (Carribean Sea,sounds)
chilean71388k2004-03-28Chile, South America, Santiago
church 840k1996-03-16First Presbyterian Church in Virginia
cindcast8498k2000-09-13Cinderella's Castle and Tinkerbell
countryc2269k2002-05-28Country Cabin
covdbrdg 371k2003-08-17Covered Bridge somewhere in America - Autumn

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