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Preview Size Date Description
pepsithm1674k1996-06-08Pepsi (soft drink)
pinkfurb 556k1999-11-27Furby on Pink
pinkfurs 533k1999-11-27Furbies on Pink
pizza 104k1996-10-31Pizza Tycoon
planetw 374k1999-09-24PlanetW (Interactive Online Community)
Doctor's Choice
purpfurb 565k1999-11-27Furbies on Purple
rockford 14k2000-12-10Rockford Fosgate Car Audio
sd_furby 517k1999-11-27Scuba Diving Furby
skydfurb 505k1999-11-27Sky Diving Furbies
tango 3101k2003-08-17Orange Tango drink
Doctor's Choice
892k1998-06-25Taco Bell Dog (US commercial)
tiffany 1291k2003-05-31Tiffany and Co
titanium4291k2004-06-16Modern designs based on metallic silver and blue
yoohoo 1717k1999-09-24Yoohoo - Non-dairy Drink Extraordinaire

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