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Preview Size Date Description
alone2 86k2002-06-23Surreal stone face in desert with igloo (computer art)
angel_01 178k2005-04-19Angel Desktop (computer generated art)
angel_02 256k2005-04-02Angel Desktop Purple 1280x1024 (computer generated art)
angel_03 381k2005-03-18Angel Jungle 1024x768 (computer generated art)
angel_04 672k2005-03-22Angel Out of the Fire 1280x1024 (computer generated art)
angel_05 780k2005-03-08Angel Spiral 1600x1200 (computer generated art)
angel_06 371k2005-03-18Angel Star Light Star Bright 1280x1024 (computer generated art)
angel_08 675k2005-03-28Angel Eyes (computer generated art)
angel_09 740k2005-03-08Angel logo (computer generated art)
angel_11 697k2005-04-12Angel Opportunity (computer generated art)
angel_12 346k2005-04-02Angel Veni Vidi Vici (computer generated art)
angel_13 357k2005-04-12Angel Eyes (computer generated art)
angel_14 225k2005-04-02Angel Spark (computer generated art)
aqe-wall 808k2000-10-01Eastern Chinese Zodiac Astrology
aqw-wall 803k2000-10-01Western Zodiac astrology - all screen sizes
artglass 471k2004-04-11Stained glass roof - Melbourne Art Gallery
atla2 217k2003-11-153D Ghosts (computer art)
atla3 292k2004-04-113D spiderweb (computer art)
atladron 348k2003-09-25Abstract art (computer generated blue crystal curves)
balls2 530k2000-10-01Chrome Balls - computer generated 3D fractal object
bert 244k2003-02-01Christmas trilogy - greeting card art
bg-ape 581k2002-03-15Green APE letter artwork
bg-look 91k2002-03-15Look into my eyes and pray - gothic artwork
bg-lunar 240k2002-03-15Lunar Gravity - Moon and barcode artwork
bg-warp 227k2002-03-15Warp Tunnel - blue radial flares with pink glare artwork
bishop 653k2002-06-23Lonely chess bishop on marble (computer art)
blarg 259k2002-03-15Colorful and trippy abstract artwork
blcat 768k2002-06-23Black Cat, pumpkin, straw broom, fireplace (watercolor)
blueg1 10k2000-07-13Blue & Green (logo.sys)
bluerose 830k2002-10-12Unearthly blue rose in eye popping color

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