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Preview Size Date Description
spandrel 143k2004-06-14Reflective crystal formation explodes from center
sphere1 26k2000-07-13Sphere 1 (logo.sys)
spinstar 42k2000-07-13Spinstart (logo.sys)
spiral01 89k2000-07-13Spiral (logo.sys)
stars2 1846k2004-04-11Stars (artificial - art)
starwarp 92k2002-06-23Looks like warping into desktop (abstract art)
stormfld1012k2002-06-23Child's drawing of lightning hitting a field of daisies
strangea 780k2002-12-01Strange people or aliens - drawing
strawber 573k2002-10-12Strawberry fields, velvet magenta mountains - fractals
suikoden 419k2002-06-23Colorful - Suikoden - Runes
sultry 811k2003-02-01Flowery fractal jungle at night (art)
surrea3d 726k2000-11-18Surreal 3D ray traced image (balls, door, keyhole)
surreal 885k2000-11-18Surreal 3D ray traced image (wires shorting on ball)
sway 534k2002-10-12Delicate, swaying tulip in quiet colors (abstract art)
swirl 17k2000-07-13Swirl (logo.sys)
swirly 12k2000-07-13Swirling Vortex (logo.sys)
temptwp 1662k2005-10-20Temptress - fantasy (1024x768 and 800x600)
tentacle 138k2004-04-11Tentacles (art)
terra 1976k2006-01-20Terragen (good color)
thering 57k2003-09-25Compter generated art of a ring inspired by the movie
time 383k2004-04-11Inside Time (art)
tiny_uni 213k2002-03-15Tiny universe - baby watching planet mobile
tnglewp 996k2006-01-23Romantic lovers - fantasy (1024x768 and 800x600)
tribalwp 257k2005-04-19Tribal wallpaper
twirl 561k2002-03-15Colorful twirly painty things (abstract art)
ufoab 975k2002-12-01UFO hovers over a strange island
ufoab2 669k2002-12-01UFOs hover over a strange island
untitled 216k2003-07-02Digital artwork
virus 119k2000-07-13Virus (logo.sys)
wallpape 209k2002-06-23Green and black, glass-like image (art)

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