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Preview Size Date Description
glasses 588k2003-11-15Glass guitars (art)
glassine 850k2002-12-01Vibrantly-colored, glass-like fractal shapes
globes 12k2000-07-13Globes (logo.sys)
goblets 1556k2002-10-12Vibrant purple fractal, looks like goblet flowers
godgolf 372k2003-09-25Even God Plays Golf
goldclif 778k2002-12-01Golden cliffs drawing
grape 905k2002-10-12Very purple fractal with non-objective shapes
greeneff1260k2004-07-09The Green Effect (computer art)
groovy 15k2000-07-13Groovy (logo.sys)
h2oheart 41k2003-04-17Outline of a blue heart made from water drops (computer art)
hlpsswp 943k2005-12-27Hall Pass - fantasy (1024x768 and 800x600)
hotair2 485k2002-06-23Childs drawing of hot air balloons
hotjungl 457k2003-02-01Vibrant fractal art
hypno1 24k2000-07-13Hypnotizing (logo.sys)
hypnosis 215k2002-12-01Captivating spiral fractal with a blacklight glow
japfan2 142k2004-10-22Japanese fan
jesseyes 240k2002-03-15Jessica Eyes artwork
jngqwp 1725k2005-12-05Jungle Queens - fantasy (1024x768 and 800x600)
junglewp 158k2002-10-12Sketch of stream, cockatoos and forest
junstlk 1791k2005-09-30Jungle Stalker - fantasy (1024x768 and 800x600)
kewlalie 583k2002-06-23Child's drawing of a green alien
lakeseat 799k2002-06-23Lake Seattle - computer image of submerged city
lighthse 878k2002-06-23Computer generated picture of lighthouse (art)
lights 195k2002-08-31Colorful lights seen through raindrops on window
lines 48k2004-04-11Blue lines
lionhead 242k2004-04-11Lion Head statue - brass on stone ornament
liquid 610k2002-06-23Green oily liquid on water (art)
londinum 266k2003-11-15London - A darker take on the tourist spot
longshut 623k2006-09-11Long shutter exposure - painting with light
lt21 197k2004-07-11Computer generated image of lighthouse

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