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Preview Size Date Description
rs_024 253k2001-07-08Dubuffet - View of Paris with Furtive Pedestrians (painting)
rs_025 205k2001-07-08Dufy - The Fishermen (painting)
rs_026 101k2001-07-08Eakins - The Gross Clinic (painting)
rs_027 144k2001-07-08El Greco - Toledo (painting)
rs_028 126k2001-07-08Friedrich - The Wanderer in the Mists (painting)
rs_029 147k2001-07-08Gauguin - Tahitian Women (painting)
rs_030 125k2001-07-08Gauguin - The Schuffenecker Family (painting)
rs_031 218k2001-07-08Gauguin - The Vision after the Sermon (painting)
rs_032 185k2001-07-08Goya - The Third of May, 1808 (painting)
rs_033 79k2001-07-08Homer - The Herring Net (painting)
rs_034 120k2001-07-08Hopper - Nighthawks (painting)
rs_035 341k2001-07-08Kandinsky - Sketch I for Composition VII (painting)
rs_036 195k2001-07-08Klee - Danceplay of the Red Skirts (painting)
rs_037 180k2001-07-08Klee - Still Life with Fragments (painting)
rs_038 331k2001-07-08Klimt - The Hostile Powers (painting)
rs_039 246k2001-07-08Lievens - Portrait of the Artist's Mother (painting)
rs_040 126k2001-07-08Magritte - Golconda (painting)
rs_041 128k2001-07-08Magritte - Memory of a Voyage (painting)
rs_042 231k2001-07-08Manet - A Bar at the Folies-Bergere (painting)
rs_043 211k2001-07-08Manet - Berthe Morisot (painting)
rs_044 148k2001-07-08Manet - Olympia (painting)
rs_045 209k2001-07-08Mantegna - The Adoration of the Magi (painting)
rs_046 257k2001-07-08Massys - The Coin Merchants (painting)
rs_048 181k2001-07-08Matisse - Dance I (painting)
rs_049 249k2001-07-08Michelangelo - Creation of Adam (painting)
rs_050 157k2001-07-08Millet - Angelus (painting)
rs_051 359k2001-07-08Miro - Harlequin's Carnival (painting)
rs_052 93k2001-07-08Modigliani - Portrait of Paul Guillaume (painting)
rs_053 346k2001-07-08Monet - Antibes Seen from La Salis (painting)
rs_054 317k2001-07-08Monet - Camille Monet with a Child (painting)

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