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Preview Size Date Description
cloud2 271k2000-07-13Clouds Starting Win98 (logo.sys)
colors 66k2002-10-12Color scale - computer generated objects
coologo 561k2005-09-25XP Cool Logo
copy 700k2003-09-25Copyright Sux - protest
crash98 53k2000-07-13Micro$oft Crash 98 (logo.sys)
crazy98 143k2000-07-13Crazy Windows 98 (logo.sys)
dnutpop2 562k2002-03-15Playstation 2
dont 36k2000-07-13Where Don't you Want to Go Today? (logo.sys)
doorsme 33k2003-11-15Windows ME spoof (doors - not windows)
earthton 41k2000-07-13Windows 95 Earth Tone (logo.sys)
exhibitn 201k2002-03-15Computer Exhibition 2001
future95 16k2000-07-13Future Windows 95 (logo.sys)
g4_osx 227k2002-08-11Mac G4 OSX 2 (computer) Logo.sys Startup screen
gnome 78k2000-11-18Gnome desktop environment system for unix
gold1024 474k2003-09-25XP Gold
hal9000 26k2004-10-22HAL9000 Interface from 2001 - A Space Odyssey
hell 71k2000-07-13Windows 95 in Hell (logo.sys)
hypnoxp 89k2002-06-23Windows XP Hypnostism
ice-xp 207k2002-06-23Iced desktop with a XP-logo
imac 301k2000-07-13iMac Girl (logo.sys)
inet 82k2000-07-13Internet Screens (logo.sys)
intelcra 18k2001-04-09Intel Crapium 4 mock of Pentium 4
linux 45k2000-07-13Linux Operating System (logo.sys)
longhorn 163k2003-09-25Windows Longhorn - Blue
macxp 55k2002-06-23Microsoft Windows XP
mcopyz 69k2003-02-01Humourous Windows XP
melting9 72k2000-07-13Melting Windows 95 (logo.sys)
micrborg 201k2001-04-09MicroBorg Windows 98
micro 15k2000-07-13Microsoft vs. DOJ (logo.sys)
microsof 78k2000-07-13Micrsoft Windows 95 (logo.sys)

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