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Preview Size Date Description
milllogo 53k2000-01-23Windows Millenium Startup Logos
miscwins 59k2002-08-11Miscellaneous Windows Logo.sys Startup screens
monplogo 52k2002-06-23Parody of Microsoft and Monopoly game
napglo 214k2004-04-11Napster
net_perf 323k2002-06-23Net Performance Graphics Studios
ntscreen 45k2000-07-13Windows NT Screen (logo.sys)
nvidia 93k2002-03-15nVIDIA
omwall 330k2002-06-23Windows Karma - composite
orangexp 118k2002-06-23Orange XP-Logo which is directed in the middle
pb1 148k2000-07-13Point Break #1 (logo.sys)
pb2 220k2000-07-13Point Break #2 (logo.sys)
plus98 43k2000-07-13Microsoft Plus98! (logo.sys)
pulse 66k2000-07-13Pulsing Windows 95 (logo.sys)
radeon 617k2002-06-23ATI Radeon Graphics logo
rendered 92k2000-07-13Rendered Windows (logo.sys)
reverse 42k2000-07-13Reverse Windows (logo.sys)
riders 156k2000-07-13Riders of the Storm (logo.sys)
sandwich 5k2000-07-13Loading, Go Make A Sandwich (logo.sys)
shape_xp 140k2004-06-13Shape The Future With Windows XP
shatlogo 46k2002-06-23Shattered Windows - Start-up logo
shattere 45k2000-07-13Shattered Windows (logo.sys)
upside 300k2000-07-13Upside Down Desktop (logo.sys)
vrxgamer 145k2001-04-09Cool gaming site background
vrxmatx 380k2002-03-15Matrix Communication VRX
w95_logo 161k2002-10-12Original Windows 95 startup and shutdown screens
wb13wall 4k2001-04-09Amiga Workbench 1.3 Wallpaper for Windows
wb31wall 4k2001-04-09Amiga Workbench 3.1 Wallpaper for Windows
whiners 1400k2000-07-13Whiners 98 (logo.sys)
win101 5k2000-07-13Windows 1.01 (logo.sys)
win666 53k2000-07-13Windows 666 (logo.sys)

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