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Preview Size Date Description
eucalypt 579k2002-08-31Australian Eucalyptus rain forest
evillucy 229k2003-09-25Evil Eye Lucy - a dog
exobirds 168k2000-07-13Exotic Birds (logo.sys)
fall2 796k2002-12-01Beautiful autumn leaves and pumpkins
falls 508k2002-08-31Tranquill Waterfall
farm 378k2003-04-17Community farm at Collingwood - Melbourne - Australia
fernwalk 263k2004-04-11A walk through a fern forest in Australia
firesky 181k2002-08-31Sunset in the city
fishpond 13k2000-07-13Fish Pond (logo.sys)
forest 537k2002-08-31Canopy of Eucalyptus trees - Victoria, Australia
forfloor 594k2002-08-31Australian rain forest floor containing exotic fungi
formatio 227k2002-08-31Rock formations - Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
frog 16k2000-07-13Frog (logo.sys)
frozlake 76k2002-06-23Frozen Lake and Snow-capped Mountains (nature)
gardenia 497k2003-11-15Beautiful forest in early autumn
goat1 223k2003-02-01Goat
goat2 164k2003-02-01Goat
goat3 180k2003-02-01Goat
golf 159k2003-11-15Scene on a golf course
gorilla 85k2000-07-13Gorilla (logo.sys)
grcany1 135k2000-01-05Grand Canyon
grcy2 127k2000-01-05Grand Canyon with dry tree in foreground
greek 187k2000-01-05Wide path along still river under green trees
grpet 122k2000-01-05Tropical mountain peak (more info?)
handrose 229k2000-11-18Handing you a red rose bud
hawasun 111k2000-01-05Sun sets over ocean waves
highfo80 140k2004-04-11Waterfall and surrounding area
hillview 143k2000-01-05View of countryside from side of a hill
hisun2 72k2000-01-05Sun sets over the sea in a tropical location
horseg 216k2000-01-05Two horses graze in a green grassy field

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