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Preview Size Date Description
dipper 299k2003-09-25Scenic Railway at Luna Park, Melbourne Australia
driveway 696k2002-08-31Driveway leading to Ripponlea Mansion - Melbourne, Australia
earth_la 393k2000-10-01Earth globe centered on Eastern Africa
elegance 349k2002-08-31Sitting room in Ripponlea Mansion - Melbourne, Australia
eso269 686k2000-10-01Spiral Galaxy ESO269-57 - Hubble Space Telescope
ferris 383k2003-09-25Ferris Wheel at Luna Park, Melbourne Australia
field 269k2003-11-15Not a field of dreams but a nice view
flor88 121k2000-01-05View of the city of Florence, Italy
flortpo 131k2000-01-05Courtyard in a medieval building
fuji 173k2000-10-01Japanese Mt Fuji and cherry blossoms
gargl 116k2000-01-05Gargoyle overlooks magnificent old buildings
glaciers 279k2003-02-01Spectacular satellite view of Greenland coastline
govhouse 534k2002-08-31Government House set in majestic gardens - Melbourne, Australia
hallway 166k2003-02-01Elegant hallway - Werribee Park
hbeach 168k2005-04-20Sunset at Hungtington Beach - Pier and Catalina Island
hortop 138k2000-01-05Bronze horse statues on building (more info?)
italto 169k2000-01-05Pottery shop in narrow Italian laneway
japst 154k2000-01-05Japanese Buddhist shrine
jeff2 155k2000-01-05Jefferson Memorial in Washington (more info?)
jupiter 74k2000-07-13Jupiter (logo.sys)
kansasci 419k2002-06-23Kansas City, Missouri
landsnd1 720k2003-04-17Lands End - Cornwall England
landsnd2 508k2003-04-17Lands End - Cornwall England
landsnd3 876k2003-04-17Lands End - Cornwall England
landsnd4 649k2003-04-17Lands End - Cornwall England
landsnd5 701k2003-04-17Lands End - Cornwall England
landsnd61163k2003-04-17Lands End - Cornwall England
lighths1 117k2002-08-31Lighthouse near Anglesea - Victoria, Australia
lighths2 74k2002-08-31Lighthouse near Anglesea - Victoria, Australia
lobr 131k2000-01-05Tower bridge in London, England

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