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Preview Size Date Description
sennenco 298k2002-06-23Sennen Cove - rocky lokkout over the ocean
sfgg76 192k2000-01-05Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, USA
shops 388k2002-08-31Shops in main street of Stratford, Victoria, Australia
skyline 296k2002-08-31Melbourne skyline - Victoria, Australia
sojurn 59k2000-07-13Sojurn (logo.sys)
solar 18k2000-07-13Solar System (logo.sys)
space1 41k2000-07-13Space (logo.sys)
space98 14k2000-07-13Space 98 (logo.sys)
sphinx 107k2000-01-05Casino sphinx and pyramid in Las Vegas, USA
station 568k2002-08-31Country train station near Walhalla - Victoria, Australia
stonehen 73k2000-07-13Stonehenge (logo.sys)
stonhen 98k2000-01-05Stonehenge in England
stpete 127k2000-01-05St Peters cathedral in Rome, Italy
sucourt 144k2000-01-05Front of the Supreme Court building
sydney 656k2002-03-15Sydney Skyline from Darling Harbour - Australia
toronto 60k2002-06-23Toronto skyline
townshop 350k2002-08-31Shop in main street of Stratford, Victoria, Australia
trevro 188k2000-01-05Fountana di Trevi, Rome (3 coins in a fountain)
uranus 18k2000-07-13Uranus (logo.sys)
ventpr 179k2000-01-05Gondola and a courtyard in Venice, Italy
w_palace 88k2001-04-09Malacanang Palace - Philippine presidential palace
walhalla 627k2002-08-31Walhalla - old goldmining town in Victoria, Australia
waycrh 138k2000-01-05A white country church (more info?)
wdlincc 87k2000-01-05Lincoln Monument in Washington, USA

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