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Preview Size Date Description
allens 1648k1999-03-20Allens
barbie 470k1998-11-15Homage to Barbie the Doll
barblet 139k1999-03-20Barbie Doll
beelinew1983k1999-09-24Transcom's search application
beerthem1442k1997-01-23Beer (drink)
bluefurb 476k1999-11-27Furby on Blue
budicepg1361k1998-03-22Bud Ice Penguin (from commercials)
budweise3429k1996-11-27Budweiser Beer (drink)
budweisr 499k1999-06-06Budweiser Beer
cheezwhz 760k1997-12-12Cheez-Whiz Kraft spread
clutcher 630k2002-01-27Clutch ER (band?)
cocacol23073k2000-10-22Coca Cola Reflections
coffee 765k1998-03-22Coffee
coffethm 74k1996-03-03Coffee
cohibas 6127k2001-02-25Cohibas - Esplendidos - Robustos cigars
coke 459k1996-06-20Coca Cola (big polar bear picture)
coke2 1198k1996-06-20Coca Cola (collage of old coke ads)
coke8 4202k1998-10-10Coca-Cola - 8 themes
cokebear2184k1998-09-07Coca Cola Bears
Below Average
1615k1997-11-28Coca Cola - 2 themes
cokexmas 607k2001-12-02Coke Xmas
colonyw 2358k1999-09-24Knowledge Management Application
doughboy1328k2000-09-25Pillsbury Doughboy (Brands/Goods)
drpepper 776k1997-06-01Dr. Pepper Drinking Beverage
etch 558k2001-09-10Etch-A-Sketch and other old favorite toys
flw 676k2001-09-10Frank Lloyd Wright designs
foodthe 637k1997-07-25Food (the stuff you eat)
franklou1448k1998-09-16Budweiser Lizards, Frank & Louie
furbspac 725k1999-11-27Furby in Space

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