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Weekly Top50:
Themes  |  Fonts  |  Screensavers  |  Wallpaper

Preview Size Downloads Description
dballz 302k 1722Dragon Ballz (anime)
icolib052926k 1580Icon Library for Windows (21,000+ icons in registered version)
ulcwatrs3194k 399Cascading Waters - Relax by these two waterfalls
gstrdrmv7171k 389Ghost Rider (movie)
ulurban 1975k 336Urban Future - Step off the rocket ship at city of the future
Doctor's Choice
2073k 254Desktop Architect (theme management software)
Doctor's Choice
1067k 233Windows Whistler - Windows 2001 (computer)
ulnvstas3690k 225Night Vistas - Florence, London, Sydney and Toronto
win97thm1413k 217Windows 97
4mtunep 1398k 213Moon Tune
ulb2wlds4935k 190Between Two Worlds - He exists in times 100s of years apart
suprtrns1363k 180Superman Returns - Man Of Steel (movie)
air_aces1402k 148Air Aces
High Quality
4958k 129Scooby Doo - 12 themes (cartoon) (XP) (14958kb)
sp-movie5589k 128Spider-Man (Movie) (XP)
xxx 4407k 116xXx - Vin Diesel (movie)
aexpblue 647k 115Windows XP
nt_40 326k 113Windows NT 4.0
Doctor's Choice
148k 110Desktop Themes v1.89 (Theme Doctor Edition)
Below Average
655k 103Quake III (computer game)
Doctor's Choice
6770k 100Ghostbusters Deluxe (movie)
wings 1016k 98Butterflies
de_2001 1143k 97Dale Earnhardt (race car driver)
Average Quality
7814k 93DragonBall Z - Super Syian (XP)
swan 966k 92Swan (nature)
msn_9x 5600k 92MSN Explorer for Windows 9x
Average Quality
962k 91That Thing You Do (movie)
blue 1053k 91Blues Clues (game) (was
usa 838k 89Firemen raising the flag
Doctor's Choice
970k 88Metal Gear Solid
macintos 413k 87Macintosh
Doctor's Choice
1074k 85Beta version of Windows 2000
frink 856k 84Professor Frink from The Simpsons
Average Quality
919k 82THX Sound from movies
spqr 764k 82SPQR - Roman Empire
Doctor's Choice
1051k 82Street Fighter 2 CE
osu 839k 82Ohio State Buckeyes
Doctor's Choice
615k 81Kill Them Seagulls (nature)
aawt 803k 81AAWT - Assimilate! (Amiga)
pale 849k 80Pale On The Horizon (art by Kristine Johnson-Bowles)
mac95the 118k 80Apple Macintosh
pg 835k 79Peter Gabriel (the singer)
st5 929k 78Star Trek V - The Final Frontier
Average Quality
338k 78Indian Ancient Pathways
yoshi 963k 75Yoshi (computer game)
jsb 1008k 75Mallrats - Jay & Silent Bob - Chasing Amy (movie)
Below Average
712k 75Duke Nukem 3D (video game)
alice 614k 75Alice in Wonderland (Disney)
101 679k 75101 Dalmatians (Disney cartoon movie)
Doctor's Choice
1214k 74Apple Macintosh OS
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