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Preview Size Date Description
jw_home41137k2003-12-15Animated snow saver features nostalgic Christmas scene
jw_hoot 925k2006-03-08Animated saver features carved pumpkin owls
jw_hrtfx 702k2003-02-01Animated heart-shaped items scrolling on romantic background
jw_icemn 724k2006-02-11Snow effect saver features a snowman background
jw_irbl 544k2003-02-22Animated saver features shamrocks and an Irish blessing
jw_jacko 574k2006-02-11Animated saver features jack-o-lantens
jw_jboxs 933k2006-12-13Lighting effect saver features jeweled boxes
jw_jfire 726k2003-06-21Animated saver with bouncing scrolling firefighter hat
jw_jiggy2152k2007-03-25Animated saver features dancing leprechauns
jw_jingl1640k2006-09-11Snow effect saver features blue jingle bells
jw_joyrd1295k2006-12-13Snow effect saver features a sleigh ride scene
jw_kinch1250k2005-12-17Slide show saver features Christmas paintings of Kinkade
jw_kizme 878k2007-04-13Animated show saver - leprechaun and kisses
jw_lgold 544k2003-02-22Animated saver features a gold-snatching leprechaun
jw_lilst 805k2006-04-243D cube saver features Santa Claus
jw_lmsw 1087k2004-06-20Slide show saver features stars and stripes motif and flags
jw_magi 293k2003-12-153D cube saver features Christmas silhouettes on YOUR desktop
jw_mbiz 786k2003-02-01Animated stuffed gorilla scrolling on a hearts background
jw_mmsno1953k2007-03-31Animated snowman saver features Mr and Mrs Snow
jw_mxp 1131k2004-07-31Water effect saver features gilded glass carriage
jw_naut 776k2003-02-22Animated saver features nautical items
jw_nitb41877k2006-12-13Animated saver features Santa Claus
jw_noise 632k2003-10-26Animated saver features antique noisemakers
jw_nyear 337k2003-12-15Animated saver features New Years Eve party items
jw_objob 775k2003-02-22Animated saver - red roses on a romantic background
jw_oholy 626k2006-04-10Slide show saver features paintings of Madonna and Child
jw_otis 740k2003-09-01Animated saver - American flags swirling on colorful background
jw_paper 955k2003-12-15Animated saver features gifts and wrappings on YOUR desktop
jw_peep 995k2005-06-12Animated saver features a goofy Easter chick
jw_piper1129k2007-03-16Animated show saver a bear playing a flute

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