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Preview Size Date Description
nextstep2489k1999-08-04NeXT STEP (computer screens)
nikev1 2359k2001-12-02Windows XP
norton2 224k2002-11-11Norton Desktop (computer)
nt_40 326k1997-11-19Windows NT 4.0
opennext3637k2002-11-11NeXT - NeXTstep OS for NeXT computer
os2_warp 604k1998-06-25OS2 Warp (operating system)
osbe 2032k2002-11-11BE OS (computer)
pbabys 675k2002-04-13Palace Babies
powerbk 701k1999-04-17Power Book (Apple computer)
protoj 535k2001-03-06Protocol Junction Windows 9x/2000
Doctor's Choice
1168k2001-06-09Play Station 2 (Game Machine)
Doctor's Choice
1206k2000-09-02Ever wish you could destroy your PC?
riscos 2032k2002-11-11Acorn RISC OS (computer)
royale 541k2004-09-01Default windows theme reskin
rremixed2638k2007-03-09Dark XP theme
rustymac 784k2003-01-20Is Apples Mac OSX to be a thing of the past?
sega 1850k2001-05-14Sega console?
sega_nfl8309k2000-09-29Sega NFL2K1 (game)
Below Average
275k1998-06-25Microshaft - Anti-Windows 98
sido_xp22762k2001-10-14Windows XP
silverxp 483k2003-08-17Small Windows XP theme
smile 345k2003-08-17XP Smile theme - lots of icons
solaris 1284k2002-11-11Sun Solaris - unix OS (computer)
Doctor's Choice
2444k2000-09-10Sony VAIO - 11 themes
source 214k1998-06-25The Source - Code warriors (computer)
star8010 485k2002-11-11Xerox 8010 Star Dandelion OS (computer)
swinxp 1075k2004-09-26Super Windows XP
tandy 189k2002-11-11Tandy Deskmate 3.05 for Tandy 1000 computer
tcf_mod11142k2003-12-15Modern XP - modern computer look without XP
tcf_mod21184k2003-12-15Modern XP - modern computer look without XP

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